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Meral Duran, DNP.,  Hartsdale, N.Y. Dec. 30, 2015  “Dr. Iankowitz is excellent and has great knowledge. She is very caring, dedicated and compassionate. She treats all aspect of body, mind and spirit. She teaches you how to live your life healthier and better in such a positive way. She is very respectful and listens all your concerns and guides you. She even showed me how to cook a healthy meal. Thank you very much Dr. Iankowitz, you are the best!” 

Laura, Holmes, NY, Oct. 20, 2017  

“Dr. Nancy takes the time necessary to listen to and understand concerns and symptoms. She doesn’t only look to solve the current ailment, but to also improve overall health through lifestyle changes. I often think of Dr. Nancy as I take a deep cleansing breath. She often reminds me of the benefit of the simple act of breathing.” 

Susan, Brewster, NY Oct. 28, 2017  

“I went to Dr. Nancy when I felt I wasn’t receiving the kind of whole-person approach from traditional doctors. Happily, I didn’t have a serious medical condition at the time, but was having difficulty navigating through the day and needed someone to listen to me and address some of my issues. She had wonderful ideas to try, which worked, and I felt myself feeling better and healthier after a time in her care. Her intuition into health problems is extraordinary; her medical knowledge, excellent.”

Bernadette Alpi, NY Jan. 17, 2018  

“Dr. Iankowitz has a gift for prioritizing her patients’ concerns while keeping the lines of communication comfortable from beginning to end of the consultation. Throughout our initial appointment not only were all of my questions answered, but I was given useful  knowledge empowering me to proceed. My family will be starting a gluten free way of living; our nineteen month old son is the primary focus and we will all be joining the transition.  Our son has shown possible sensitivity  to gluten. After  speaking to Dr. Iankowitz, we have a clear plan. We have observed increased restlessness upon eating gluten and are excited to see how the complete change to his diet will benefit him.”   

Kathy Goff, RN., Middletown, NY. Jan. 26, 2016  “Dr Iankowitz and I worked closely for two years at a college health office caring for the students. She is extremely knowledgeable and keeps herself current on the latest available medical information. The students found her to be very approachable. Dr Iankowitz is a warm and caring practitioner. She gives the best to her patients. Dr. Iankowitz includes education with every visit. The students left here knowing what their problem was and the best way to care for themselves.”

Steve Cohen, NY. Feb. 8, 2017  “Dr. Iankowitz is an insightful diagnostician with an open mind as to cause and cures. Her approach is holistic, but she has a strong traditional background and can prescribe conventional meds when necessary. She not only treats, she educates her patients as well. I give my strongest recommendation."

Stan, Danbury, CT  Oct. 18, 2017   “Dr. Iankowitz was very attentive to our needs, listened carefully and made reasonable suggestions for treatment taking into consideration my lifestyle, age and abilities. It was wonderful to work with a practitioner who actually listens and who actually cares. We still follow many of her suggestions today and her treatment plan has been very helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Iankowitz.”  

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